HPNJ Fun Show

  • Sunday, November 06, 2022

 Join us for our annual "Fun Show" November 6th!  This fun event is an annual fundraiser to help the Horse Park of NJ ! 

Multiple Division with something for everyone!  

Fun Show Prize List! 

Fun Show Entry Form

Trail Patterns

tots-leadline courses.pdf

easy inhand-riding courses.pdf

challenge inhand-riding courses.pdf

Dressage Division Prize List and Entry Form

Enter Dressage Online at www.horseshowoffice.com

Dressage Division Results

Dressage Division Day Sheet

Dressage Division Ride Times by Rider

Reminder to Dressage Competitors: 

We are looking forward to the HPNJ Fun Show!  Please remember that this is a FUN show! The ride times in the links above are relative. If you find that you will have a conflict between dressage and participating in another class at the show, do not panic. If possible, make the office, warm up steward or dressage ring steward aware of the conflict and go have fun in the other class. Then come to the dressage ring when you are ready and we will fit you in. Alternatively, you can also come early (not before 8 am) and ride early if you like.

What this lenient schedule means for your awards, it that your class may not close until the end of the day. We will mail you your ribbons and test copy if you are not present.

This makes scratching very important. Please be courteous to our judge and let me know if you are not coming at all, that way the judge is not sitting waiting for you all day.

Lead line riders there is an actual pattern for you to ride. The patterns can be found here:

Walk only: https://www.ecrda.com/pages/2015DressageTests/ECRDA-lead-line-walk.pdf

Walk Trot: https://www.ecrda.com/pages/2015DressageTests/ECRDA-lead-line-walk-trot.pdf

Looking forward to a great show with lots of smiles!

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